Seal Point Ragdoll

seal point ragdoll pattern points eye color

The seal point pattern for ragdoll cats

I have two cats. They are both seal point ragdolls. In fact, I guess you could argue that they are a mix of seal mitted and seal point, but they are missing some key elements to be mitted ragdolls.

The seal point is the most popular colour of ragdoll and personally I think the most stunning.

What are the Seal colours

The “seal” name for this colour pattern type literally comes from a seal and the colour of its coat. It’s a dark brown/blackish colour. You can always distinguish ragdoll cats with seal points from this dark colour.

Ragdoll cats can even be BLUE…well actually more of a grey.

The seal colour pattern is a gradual pattern. The cat will look kinda like an unmixed mocha, or when you add milk to coke. The pattern will go from white to dark and usually get darker on the points.

Interestingly the colour pattern for seal ragdolls is also a heat colour pattern. It follows the hottest and coldest spots on the cat. Where it is coldest, it is darkest.

What are the points, and what is the ragdoll pattern

The points on a cat are pretty straightforward. They are the nose, ears, tail and nose.

This pattern is seen on all ragdolls with the seal points. The length of their colours will be different from cat to cat, meaning that some will only have small points and others will have a darker colour over more of their body.

The pattern for a seal point is also very distinct and will always be the same points. Many ragdolls have different looking points, but the consistency of the pattern is that all the points have some of the colours.

What is the Eye Color on a seal ragdoll?

The coloration of a ragdoll and its eyes will change over time. All Ragdoll kittens are born white with blue eyes. As they begin to develop this will begin to change.

Ragdoll coloration can take up to 2 years to develop fully. Most breeders and people familiar with the breed will be able to get a pretty close guess early on though. There are a couple of things you can do to predict what colour your kitten will become.

  • Colour from the kitten’s parents. There is a pretty interesting colour chart here based on genetics. The reality is the colour of the parents has a big effect on what the colours of the kittens will be.
  • Early Signs of colour. Seal points will often show early, but not always. Also, some colours will show up on their faces giving you a tip as to what you have as a kitten.
maya and Gc my ragdoll cats
maya my ragdoll seal point

ragdoll seal point blue eye color

Did you know that ragdolls can also be black in colour, either solid or two-toned? These types also have different coloured eyes. You can get more information about them on THIS PAGE.

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Are Seal Points Affectionate?

Yes, and…no…ha. I have found that ragdolls are very affectionate but they are still cats. So you’ll need to be patient and provide a great environment. Here is an article I wrote all about it.

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