Ragdoll Cat Size

Ragdoll Cat Size

The Ragdoll Cat Size is a Well-Known Fact about them, After their Perfect Temperament.

Ragdoll cats are well know for their Ragdoll cat Size, they are also very well known for their disposition, floppy nature and cuddly temperament.

When it comes to the Ragdoll Size they can grow anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. The females are typically in the 10-15 pound range and the males are in the 14-20 pound range, but males have been known to be 20+ pounds. They don’t mature fully until they are past their 4th birthday, and will continue to grow in length and weight until that point. They may grow after that as well, but not typically.

Being such a large cat you may have some questions like,

Do they need special attention because of their size?

How does their size affect ownership?

Lets have a look at what it is like to own a Ragdoll Cat and see.

Here are 6 Things You Should Know about Ragdoll Cat Size

ONE – You will need to Curate their Living Space

Due to the size of these amazing Cats, you will need to pay attention to the living quarters that you have prepared for the cat. Typically that means that all of the normal areas that you would have setup for a cat just need to be big enough to accomodate these gentle giants.

It does mean that your litter box needs to be big enough, especialy if you have more than one ragdoll. It also means that you need to have a big enough crate for them to either sleep in, or to travel with you when you got to the park or to the vets office.

It also means that the cat beds and sleeping areas are going to need to be a little bigger for these guys. Here are two other articles on this website that will help you with some of these items.

Best Cat Carrier Litter Box Combo
Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

TWO – You Will Still Need To Watch Their Diet

Even though people love the fact that Ragdoll Cats get big and cuddly, there is the opportunity for these guys to get TOO big. Or rather TOO fat. You will need to pat attention to their weight. The best thing to do is go with a height and length ratio to the weight. This way if you cat is a little longer and taller it can handle some of the weight, but if their slighter you may need to manage their weight.

If you are trying to put weight on to an under weight cat you can check out this article we have on helping with that.

We are NOT trying to be vets online. Make sure you talk to your vet about your cat.

THREE – Bigger is Generally More Affectionate.

It is well known that the bigger rags are typically more cuddly. They are great little teddy bears and generally speaking love to be where you are at all times and get a quick cuddle in whenever they can. Maya will lay right on my chest when I am watching TV. Here are my two rags watching TV with me.

ragdoll cat size cuddle

FOUR – Bigger Doesn’t Mean Tougher.

Ragdoll Cats are an inside only cat. They really should’t be let outside to roam around the neighbourhood. They are not very good at protecting themselves. It is part of the breed characteristics that Ragdolls are very docile and not very confrontational. They will definitely play fight and play with toys, but usually they will do it from their back, in a submissive position. When they encounter dogs and other cats, they take a submissive posture. Our recommendation is to make sure they have a safe happy life inside.

If you are going to take your cats outside they need to be supervised, and usually on a lease and harness.

FIVE – Careful with Picking Them Up

You are going to want to be careful pickup a ragdoll. They are easy to pick up by because they go limp it can sometimes be a bit of a job getting them steady and they can drop. This is especially true of kids, you want to spend some time working with your kids to make sure they are safe with the cats.

SIX – Monitor their Health

Due to their increase in size, there are a number of health risks that Ragdoll cats have. Obviously, as they get older you want to watch for injuries and soreness from jumping down from things. It’s kinda like hip dysplasia in dogs. You want to work with your vet to make sure that they stay healthy and don’t need anything medically.

The other medical issue as mentioned above is connected to their weight and that you want to monitor that, and make sure they are healthy. They do have risks for pink eye and for kidney disease so you want to pay careful attention.

Ragdoll Cats and their Size make the Difference

The Ragdoll is a great cat, I have had the pleasure of breeding them and owning many different ragdolls. They are the best. They do however have some quirks and some things you need to pay attention to. We also have an FAQ below to help with some additional information.

How Big Do Ragdoll Cats Get

The Average domestic cat will weigh in at 10 pounds, and usually be between 20-25 cm long. Some cats will be a little bigger and some cats will be a little smaller all depending on their breeding.

Ragdoll Cats get bigger than this. They get as big as 40-66 cm tall for the males and 38-58 for the females. My female Ragdoll Maya is 47 cm heigh and weight 13 pounds. The length of a typical Ragdoll Cat is 17.0”-21.0” (43-53 cm), and has a typical lifespan of 12-15 years.

Do Ragdoll Cats Stay Small

Ragdoll Cats do not stay small. This amazing breed does take a little longer to develop and mature than other cat breeds, but they make up for it with size and weight. The Ragdoll cat will typically start to outgrow other cats once it gets to the 12 week mark, and then has a growth spurt to the 5 month mark. They will continue to mature and grow till they are 4 years old. It takes them a little longer, no Ragdoll Cats do not stay small.

How Long Does a Ragdoll Cat Live?

Cats in general live a little longer than dogs, and the Ragdoll Cat is a very robust breed. I have a Ragdoll Cat that is 24 years old, her name is Grandma Cat and she is currently the oldest Ragdoll in the World. Ragdolls don’t generally live that long, but they are going to live for 12-15 years on average. Many cats however, especially Ragdolls have been known to live longer lives, especially with advances in medicine and lifestyle.

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