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Ragdoll Cat Price

Are you looking for a Ragdoll Cat Price?
Are you wondering how much Ragdoll cats cost?

Ragdoll cats are known for being great pets, but they are also notoriously expensive. You may want to introduce a ragdoll into your family but are wondering how much they cost.

The truth is the price of a ragdoll cat does vary a lot but there are reasons behind this. Let’s take a look at how much you can expect to pay for one of these sought-after kittens and the key differences to look out for because if you want a ragdoll this is information you will definitely want to know.

We have updated this article for 2022 and will continue to keep it up to date.

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How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost?

There are a number of different elements that go into the end cost of a ragdoll cat.

The price of a ragdoll kitten varies considerably due to a number of factors. Generally, you can expect to pay between $450 and $2,500 for a kitten. The price varies depending on the quality of the cat and whether you are buying breeding rights.  It’s rare you’ll find a good quality pet from a reputable breeder for under 1000, so be wary of lower prices.

A ragdoll cat is going to cost a summary of the cost of the kitten, or adult adoption, the cost of shots, the cost of desexing, vat costs, the cost of a crate, the cost of its initial food, the cost of a food dish and water dish, the cost of a brush and the cost of a scratching pad. Often when you are pricing out the cost of a cat you only think of the purchase price or the adoption price when in fact there are a number of other associated costs that are critical for the cat.

The things listed above are all related to the initial purchase and home placement. when you first get a cat or a kitten you will need a vet check-up, you will need supplies at your home like food and a water dish and a crate.

If you are getting a kitten sometimes the breeder pays for the initial shots, and there is a cost-sharing system in place to get the shots done. For desexing, usually, animals like dogs and cats need to be a little older like 6 months for this procedure. Some vets will do it sooner, but new research suggests waiting a little longer, especially in males for this to happen.

General Price for a Ragdoll Kitten

The price will also depend on the breeder you are purchasing from and the local veterinary costs they encounter. Each breeder will charge slightly different amounts but the cost should be more or less the same. 

Here’s a table of the approximate price for a ragdoll kitten depending on the quality (not sure what each of the quality categories represents? Read on for more details). These numbers are for 2022.

Ragdoll Kitten Quality  Cost (Approximate in USD)
Pet Quality $450+
Show Quality $1,250 – $2,250+
Breeder Quality $1,550 – $2,500+
Breeder and Show Quality $2,500+

Price for Pet Quality

As you can see in the table above, pet-grade kittens are the most affordable available, with these ragdolls being sold for around $450. 

Pet quality just means the individual is not up to the standard of a show quality ragdoll due to their markings. They have the same temperament and will often have been spayed or neutered (or come with a strict agreement that they will be spayed or neutered by the buyer). Ultimately, the defining factor is that they cannot be used in shows. 

If you are getting a ragdoll purely as a pet and are happy with one that does not necessarily have all of the classic markings then a pet grade ragdoll should be perfect for you. If you are planning to take your ragdoll to shows or just want a perfectly marked ragdoll then you will want to pay the higher prices for a show quality kitten. 

Price for Show Quality

At a higher price than pet grade, show-quality ragdolls are available for $1,250 – $2,250+. 

Show quality means that the ragdoll is perfectly marked and can be displayed at cat shows but has been neutered or spayed so you cannot breed with them. 

Looking for a perfect ragdoll that displays all of the key physical characteristics? A show-quality kitten will be ideal, unless you also want to breed with them then you will need to look specifically for a breeder-quality cat.

Cost of Owning a Ragdoll Cat

We went over this a little in the first section but, I wanted to add a little to it here. Here are 7 things that go into what we call Ragdoll cat cost, and what the overall cost will be especially in a new home.

  1. Food. Ragdolls are a little larger than your average cat and will eat a little more. You are likely going to spend between 50 and 75 dollars per month on food depending on the quality and your cat’s appetite.
  2. Litter Box. You will need a litter box, you may end up needing 2, just depends on your cat and your house. We have a number of litter box recommendations that you can find HERE.
  3. Vet. You won’t spend a lot on vets unless something goes wrong. Having said that it is good to get a yearly check-up and make sure shots are up to date and that health issues are monitored. This will likely cost you 100-200 dollars a year depending on your vet.
  4. Nails and Teeth. These are both up to you. I clip my cat’s nails and we brush our teeth. You can also get your vet to check your cat’s teeth to see how things are going. Dry kibble will also help, you don’t have to feed it every day but on a rotation. The nails will cost you 25-50 dollars every 2 months on average.
  5. Tests. A little different than a vet in that these are more spread out and more of your choices. Parasite testing, FIV, and FeLV testing can cost more than 100 dollars per visit depending on your vet. I have my cats tested and then treated if necessary, so there’s an added cost for that. One other recent test for Ragdoll cats is for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM – you can read more about it here.
  6. Pet Insurance. Instead of insurance my wife and I have a savings account that has money in it for all of our pets. Is better than paying 25-50 bucks a month depending on your insurance and your area. Yes, insurance has its benefits but I like having the money in an account gathering interest and ready for when we need it, if we need it. It’s in the multiple thousands just FYI. If you want insurance for your pet and don’t have savings it is a good idea, check this article out for more information about insurance.
  7. Toys, Beds, Extras. The cost of all this stuff can be minimal or through the roof. You can expect however to pay 50-100 dollars upfront and then you can make your choice from there. We have lots of crates and blankets for beds and don’t really need new ones. We do buy toys on amazon and home sense. Get a cat bed, they make life easier.

Difference between show quality and pet quality

The biggest difference between show and pet standard ragdolls is their appearance. Here is a Ragdoll Breed Show Standard document from The Cat Fanciers Association that indicates the patterns and colours that are expected in show ragdolls, for the ragdoll cat breed. 

The document includes information on when to ‘disqualify’ an entrant, for example, if a bi-colour pattern ragdoll does not have a white inverted “V” or has dark spotting, or has an extensive dark area on any leg then they should be disqualified.

Another example would be to disqualify if there is an absence of a white chin on Mitted Pattern ragdolls, also Ragdoll Cats must have blue eyes.

Show quality ragdolls meet the breed’s standards so can be taken to shows, whereas pet grade ragdolls often have mismarking. Therefore, the extra cost is paying for an appearance that is show quality. There should be no temperament or behavioural differences between a pet and show-quality cats. Usually both pet and show quality Ragdoll kittens are neutered or spayed or come with a strict agreement that they will be neutered/ spayed. 

Breeder Quality Price

On the higher end of the scale, a breeder quality ragdoll can be purchased for $1,500 – $2,500+. 

Breeder quality means that the ragdoll is fit for breeding. As well as not being neutered or spayed the ragdoll should have also been tested to ensure they do not have any genetic diseases.

Breeder and Show Quality Price

A breeder and show ragdoll is the most expensive type, they can be bought for upwards of $2,500. That’s on the high end of Ragdoll cat prices.

These ragdolls are not only perfectly marked meaning they can be used in shows but they are also fit for breeding. A double whammy of ragdoll perfection! But, it comes at a high price. Remember they must have blue eyes.

maya expensive amazon box
Maya loves her box…but she didn’t come from Amazon…

Remember that cost is also attached to age

Ragdoll cats live a long time…more than most other breeds. Part of your cost discussion needs to be about not only the cost of acquiring the cat but also what it will take to look after the cat as part of the family for a long time.

How long do ragdoll cats live? Well usually 15+ years, especially if they are well fed and well looked after.

One other thing to note is that if you are looking for an older cat you can often find them at an animal shelter, and get them for less money, often already vet checked.

How to Pick a Reputable Breeder

Because the cost is so high, there are a few people who see them as an opportunity to make some quick cash. These people sell below pet ragdoll, standard or mixed breeds at purebred Ragdoll cat prices to unsuspecting cat lovers.

It is so important to do your research and ensure you choose a quality breeder. Going to a reputable breeder will give you a far better chance of getting a Ragdoll kitten that is healthy and has good genetics. 

To make sure you aren’t being scammed, first do a background check on the breeder. Find out about the reputation of the breeder as this will help you to determine whether or not the price they are asking for is worth it. 

If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The low cost could mean the cats are not properly socialized and may not have been given adequate health care meaning you may be paying out for health issues later. 

A reputable breeder will not only be registered and have all of the relevant paperwork, but they will also have ensured the vaccinations, veterinary checkups, but de-worming and flea control treatments have also been carried out.  

If you are unsure or you have bought a Ragdoll kitten that you never received the relevant paperwork for you may be able to receive support from major cat associations who can help intervene and put pressure on the breeders to provide the necessary papers. 

When you speak to a breeder don’t be afraid to ask questions, a reputable breeder will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Here are some key questions you should ask:

  • How long have you been breeding ragdolls?
  • How do you choose which ragdolls to breed?
  • Are there any congenital defects seen in the ragdoll breed? (the breeder should be knowledgeable and upfront about the defects seen in the ragdoll breed).
  • Do you offer any health guarantees?
  • Are your cats raised in your home? (also known as being raised underfoot)
  • Can I visit your cattery? 
  • Can I see photos of the kitten’s parents?
  • How are your kittens registered?

It is best to avoid backyard breeders for a number of reasons, it may seem like a great deal on first glance because the Ragdoll kittens are less expensive but the chances are they have not received the appropriate veterinary care (in efforts to keep costs involved down and increase profits made) and will certainly not come with any registration papers or a health guarantee.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Expensive

There’s no disputing the fact that ragdolls are expensive cats to buy. The high cost of ragdolls is most likely attributed to a combination of their popularity and the fact they are rare and difficult to find. 

As one of the most sought-after breeds of cat, many breeders actually have waiting lists and require a deposit in order to secure your Ragdoll kitten as they struggle to keep up with the demand.

The cost of individual ragdolls noticeably varies between breeders, it is important to remember that breeding high-quality cats are not a cheap process so the high cost you pay for the kitten is also helping to cover the costs of the vaccinations, DNA/ genetic tests and daily care of the Ragdoll kittens. 

This is why backyard breeders are able to offer low, quick-sale rates because they have not been providing the necessary veterinary care, paying for registration fees and the relevant paperwork etc. 

You could say that you are paying for quality but a high-priced kitten does not guarantee a high-quality ragdoll which is why we urge you to only buy a Ragdoll from reputable breeders.

price of a ragdoll cat laying down

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Ragdoll Cat?

Adopting a cat can be a far more affordable and rewarding experience. with the price being very high, every now and then ragdolls may end up in your local rescue center but they will likely be adopted quickly. There are a few rescue organizations that have done specific work with ragdolls within Canada, including: 

When adopting a rescue, make sure that the cat is registered as a ragdoll if it is being listed as one. The cat should also be fully vaccinated, Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia tested, wormed and treated with flea preventative. 

You can usually adopt a cat for approximately $100. In shelters, you may come across ragdolls, ragdoll mixes or adult ragdolls looking for a home. Adopting a cat will definitely save you money, you’ll just have to check in with your local rescue centers to find out if they have any ragdolls who are in need of a home. 

Remember that there are waiting lists even for buying ragdolls so be patient if you have your heart set on adopting a ragdoll. The best thing to do is keep in regular communication with your local rescue shelters so you will know if and when a ragdoll is brought into them. 

Giving a cat a new home is priceless.

Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance?

Ragdoll Cats are ideal for both families and single people. They are almost the perfect cat. They aren’t needy, and yet they love to cuddle and be a part of the action.

What does high maintenance mean to you? A Ragdoll cat will need some grooming, but it is much less than that of other breeds. They can use some brushing, but because they don’t have an undercoat their shedding is significantly less. You will find some clumps of hair around the house but they are easy to pick up. You will also need to watch their nails, but clipping can be easy.

If you are thinking about bringing a Ragdoll into your home this is a great resource you can read to get ready for that addition.

Ragdoll Price In Canada

I live in Canada and as such have a little different pricing than the USA and the UK. However, even with the exchange rates, good quality pets from a good reputable breeder are still in the 1000-2500 dollar range here in Canada. We have a couple of additional resources on our website about Calgary and Canada, so if you are in those areas you can check that out.

How Much Do Ragdolls Cost in the UK?

We also have done some research into the cost of a Ragdoll Cat in the Uk. Or more importantly a Ragdoll Kitten in the UK. If you live in that area check out our resource.

Is it better to get a male or female Ragdoll cat?

Although this really is a personal preference there are a couple of nuances that you will need to think about when it comes to deciding between a male and female Ragdoll.

  • Personality – There is a typical generalization that male cats are more affectionate than females, and this is generally true and does have a lot to do with when they were desexed. Males get much quieter and more subdued after they are desexed. Although both sexes have been known to spray a male will be more likely to spray than a female.
    • Having said that I have owned both males and females and it really does come down to the individual personality of the cat.
  • Cost – Although not the biggest part of the equation it is good to know that a female desexing operation is generally more expensive than neutering. Sometimes it can be twice as much in cost.
  • Health/Size – Typically male Ragdolls are larger than females, usually in length and weight. This might be something to consider as cat owners if you have young children and they are going to pick up the cat. A heavier cat is more likely to be dropped or get hurt in the pickup process. Males are also more likely to have issues with UTIs and blockages. Although this isn’t a significant concern it is still something to think about. You could always contact the people who have gotten male kittens from the breeder you are working with and see how they are doing to help you with your decision.

What it all means 

Ragdolls are amazing cats and wonderful pets, cat owners love them. They may seem expensive but the price makes sense once you have a clearer idea of the costs involved with breeding them and the categorical differences (pet quality/ show quality/ breeder quality). 

Remember to always go with quality breeders and if you’re not sure you can afford the high price tag, why not take a look at adopting a ragdoll that is in need of a loving home.  Ragamuffins are also a great option.

Also at the end of the day, a pet is an investment, especially if you want a quality pet from a good breeding line, with good genetics and a reputable breeder. People that know what they are doing and do breeding for a living are interested in getting you a good pet and making sure that the cat is looked after. These people know what they are doing, that is why it is more expensive, but why it is worth it.

Ragdoll Cat Breeders Near Me

Use this search along with the search for Ragdoll Kittens near me and Ragdoll kittens in the city or town you live in. These searchers are great for adding local tags to the general search and making things more personal. You will need to do your research though, and make sure that you study all of the different options.

The best thing you can do is not only talk to the breeders, but also talk to your local cat breeds association, and people who have actually purchased kittens from those breeders. You may have to dig through Facebook and other types of sources out there to find them, but they are out there.

How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Shed?

It depends. Ragdoll cats do shed, but not like other cats, and some not at all. Ragdoll Cats do not have an undercoat which means their shedding is a little different than that of other cat breeds. Ragdoll Kittens are generally the same, they will sometimes leave clumps around. Certain breeding lines are also a little different than other breeding lines. This can be seen when you go to a cat show and witness the breeding lines in action. Make sure you also ask your vet about the breeding lines.

As a cat owner, you are always ready for a little shedding and hairballs, especially with this cat breed that has long hair. Wet food will help your cat a little with this issue, but you will still face the hairballs.

Ragdoll Cat Price UK

Ok, so you want a Ragdoll cat…YES!! We love ragdolls here. So what is the current ragdoll cat price the UK?

I am from Canada which means that my DNA is from the UK…actually, it’s Scottish, English and Romanian. I love the UK, I have been there a few times and also have a number of friends that live there currently.

Ok, so enough about all that let’s get to the info you are here for.

General Price in the UK

So let’s start big picture. You are probably going to pay between 350 and 1800 pounds for a ragdoll cat. 350 on the really low end and 1800 on the higher end. The price of a ragdoll cat is typically higher than other cats because of their reputation, beauty and popularity.

In the UK there is an organization called the governing council of the cat fancy and they have a guide on buying a kitten. It includes information about how to pick a breeder and what you will need for your new cat/kitten.

The governing council of the cat fancy (GCCF) is also a recognized evaluator of catteries. When people list their kittens for sale they will include that they are a part of the GCCF Breeder Scheme. This means that they live up to certain standards and you can be sure you are dealing with a quality breeder and getting a quality kitten.

Why Such a Huge Range in Prices?

You are going to pay more for a ragdoll from a reputable, private breeder. There are also various types of ragdoll kittens and each of the variants changes its price. The Ragdoll cat price range varies so much because of the multiple types and qualities of the breed.

  • Colour. The colour of the cat will affect the price. Non-fancy all-white cats are usually less expensive. Seal point and seal mitted kittens of show and breeder quality are going to be significantly more expensive.
  • Quality. The quality of the kitten will also affect the price of the kitten. Pet standard kittens are generally speaking more affordable than show quality and breeding quality.
  • location. Kittens in London are going to be more expensive than kittens in many other places. Just like everything else.
  • Breeder. If you are working with a reputable, private breeder the cost is going to be more because they are more hands-on with the process. You will also get more value from a private breeder. They usually include a lot of “extras” with the new kittens to help you on your journey. They will also give you assistance should you need it down the road.

Price of a ragdoll cat in London

Ragdolls in London are typically more expensive, but you also have more options to choose from.

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Cat Down?

Not something that everyone want’s to talk about during the joys of getting a new kitten or cat, but it is part of the process. Euthanizing a cat can be a traumatic experience, so you want to be aware of the costs before you get a surprise bill. Usually, the cost is between $120 – $250 depending on what has to happen.

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    I was on the phone with them, which btw was a text phone, 1st red flag. Now I’m talking with some in Ok City supposeely . Could you please educate me on the Ragdoll some, and direct me where to go to purhase a pet quality kitten. My email is

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    1. Hey Wanda, unfortunately I live in Canada and not the US and I am not sure about the quality of Ragdoll breeders in your area.

      If I was you I would contact the Ragdoll Associations and see what they have listed. Sometimes these associations are just money grabs, but sometimes they have good information. I would start with the national ones.

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