ragdoll cat price UK

Ragdoll Cat Price UK

Ok, so you want a Ragdoll cat…YES!! We love ragdolls here. So what is the current ragdoll cat price UK?

I am from Canada which means that my DNA is from the UK…actually its Scottish, English and Romanian. I love the UK, I have been there a few times and also have a number of friends that live there currently.

Ok, so enough about all that let’s get to the info you are here for.

General Price in the UK

So let’s start big picture. You are probably going to pay between 350-1800 pounds for a ragdoll cat. 350 on the really low end and 1800 on the higher end. The price of a ragdoll cat is typically higher than other cats because of their reputation, beauty and popularity.

In the UK there is an organization called the governing council of the cat fancy and they have a guide on buying a kitten. It includes information about how to pick a breeder and what you will need for your new cat/kitten.

The governing council of the cat fancy (GCCF) is also a recognized evaluator of catteries. When people list their kittens for sale they will include that they are a part of the GCCF Breeder Scheme. This means that they live up to certain standards and you can be sure you are dealing with a quality breeder and getting a quality kitten.

Why Such a Huge Range in Prices?

You are going to pay more for a ragdoll from a reputable, private breeder. There are also various types of ragdoll kittens and each of the variants changes the price.

  • Colour. The colour of the cat will affect the price. Non-fancy all-white cats are usually less expensive. Seal point and seal mitted kittens of show and breeder quality are going to be significantly more expensive.
  • Quality. The quality of the kitten will also affect the price of the kitten. Pet quality kittens are generally speaking more affordable than show quality and breeding quality.
  • location. Kittens in London are going to be more expensive than kittens in many other places. Just like everything else.
  • Breeder. If you are working with a reputable, private breeder the cost is going to be more because they are more hands-on with the process. You will also get more value from a private breeder. They usually include a lot of “extras” with the new kittens to help you on your journey. They will also give you assistance should you need it down the road.

Price of a ragdoll cat in London

Ragdolls in London are typically more expensive, but you also have more options to choose from.

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