old cat not using litter box anymore

Old Cat Not Using Litter Box Anymore

Old Cat Not Using Litter Box Anymore

Is your old cat is starting to pee in places it is not supposed to?   Your old cat not using litter box anymore?

It is actually pretty common for cats to go through stages when it comes to the litter box, and as you know all cats are different.  However, there are a number of things that you can check and adjust.  There are basically three categories of “reasons” and I’ll go through them all.


I have two cats…I suppose both of them are technically considered seniors.  However, Maya is 13 and Grandma Cat is 23.  Yup, you read that right 23 years young.  She was born in the ’90s…remember the 90’s?  She definitely knows what a litter box is…where she is supposed to pee and where she is not.

So let’s figure out why she is peeing on the floor.

It’s annoying, and it smells, and it smells.

Cat pee, in my opinion, is worse than dog pee.  Don’t get me wrong they are both pretty bad, but when it comes to smell cat pee and spray is awful.

The other thing about cats is that they are better at hiding pee than dogs are.  Usually, dogs just go.  Male dogs will sometimes spray something that smells different, and you may not see it.  Female dogs can definitely make a mess and ruin carpets.  But when it comes to cats they have a funny way of hiding pee under couches, in plants, in small spots on the carpet and generally just wherever.

Cat pee really smells.

Ya, that’s the thing, is that it just smells really bad.

Do you need a vet?

The first thing you should do is decide if you should go see a vet or not.  If this behaviour is all of a sudden it could be that your cat has a urinary tract infection.  If this is the case the cat will be in pain and may refuse to use the litter box.

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