How to introduce your cat to a new puppy

A New Puppy Checklist – How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Puppy

New Puppy Checklist – How To Prepare Your Ragdoll Cat For A New Pet

Owners of Ragdoll cats will know that these majestic animals are some of the best pets to have. They make excellent companions for any size family with their lovely docile demeanour. They are known to be bigger than other cats, and they have semi-long hair that makes them seem extra fluffy. Overall, these cats are gorgeous and possibly one of the many reasons their owners chose them.

The age-old feud between cats and dogs is well-known, but these cats act more like dogs than their other feline counterparts. Even with their more doglike personalities, they would still need to be prepared for their new housemate when a new puppy is introduced. 

Get Pet Supplies

Cat’s and dog will sometimes share water bowls or fountains and sometimes they won’t. In our house they do drink out of the same water bowl, but the dog doesn’t like the water fountain. The cat however loves the water fountain and we strongly recommend getting one.

Animals would each have their own set of essentials that they would need. Dogs and cats may have different needs, which should be catered for by the new owners.

Having a cat, you would be familiar with essentials such as cat food, small bowls, cat litter boxes, and scratch posts. But now, with the addition of a new puppy, you’d have to get pet supplies, specifically for growing puppies. This includes their own food and water bowls, treats, and even a chew toy. 

Prepare For Introductions

When bringing a new puppy home, it’s important for everyone in your household to be introduced and acquainted with each other, and this includes your beloved Ragdoll cat. Because much like humans, they might also be curious about the additional member of your family. 

However, it’d be good to note that it may take time before both of them can get comfortable being around each other. For instance, in some cases, the first meeting of your beloved pets can be easy and smooth, while in some cases, the transition maybe not. 

With that said, you must watch and assess carefully how both of them react when they’re together. More so, take the time to get both pets acquainted with each other first before allowing them to be in the same place together unsupervised. 

Make Space For The New Puppy

Aside from getting the specific supplies and essentials for your new puppy, you’d have to ensure that you have enough space in your house for them too. Moreover, it’d be ideal for your Ragdoll cat to be familiar with the new setup of your place as well. 

To help you start, you can first layout the new puppy’s things such as their bed, food and water bowls, and training pad.  Your cat may want to explore these additional things for themselves. And by doing this, you’re allowing them to get warmed up to the changes that will happen.

Cat-Proof Your Puppy

New puppies can be curious and want to play with everything, including their new feline companion. Luckily, Ragdoll cats are equally playful and may even outplay the puppy!

Having a new puppy may see you puppy-proofing your home by taking away plants, barring stairs and entrances, but how could you make sure your cat doesn’t bother the puppy with its playfulness?

Generally, cats would not like dogs, but the Ragdoll would probably want to make friends with the puppy from the get-go. If the cat becomes too curious and wants to take over the puppy’s space, they may need to be separated for a while until they get along well.

ragdoll cat with puppy

Read, Read, Read!

Knowledge is key. With that said, get as much information as you can about how you can help your beloved pet get used to each other.

Although a Ragdoll cat may be very open to forming a relationship with its new friend, not all dog breeds will be equally eager. Rescue animals might also struggle to adjust to other pets, especially if they were raised and are used to being alone.

You can check out multiple websites or even help books to familiarize yourself with various techniques of helping your pets adjust to the new setup and get used to each other. More so, some resources can also help you further understand your pet’s nature and behaviour.

To help you prepare for this big change, consider drafting a new puppy checklist to ensure that everything is all set and nothing is overlooked. Furthermore, here are some tips to help make sure your Ragdoll cat adjusts well when you decide to add another pet to the house.

Look For A Reliable Vet

Although most veterinarians would know about all domestic animals like cats and dogs, some may specialize in specific breeds, or perhaps they might only cater to cats or dogs.

At the moment, your Ragdoll cat may not have many health issues to be concerned about, but your new puppy may need special medical attention- from its vaccine to regular checkups. With that in mind, find a reputable and reliable veterinarian within your locality that you would trust with your Ragdoll and your new puppy.

Cat with a vet

Consider Your Pet’s Diet Needs

One of the things you would need to consider when taking care of two different pets is their diet and nutritional needs. This is especially true since dogs and cats don’t have identical diets. More so, there is a high likelihood that one or the other would want to try the other one’s food. This is where this tip comes beneficial. 

If your new puppy accidentally consumed cat food and vice versa, there’s no need to panic as it may not cause any immediate concern. However, if this becomes a long-term habit, your pets won’t be able to get the nutrients they need. 

Final Words

Getting a new puppy is a big commitment, much more taking care of it alongside a ragdoll cat. It may feel as if you suddenly have two playful pups in the house with a Ragdoll and puppy playing up a storm.

While it may take time for both of your beloved pets to get along, them living together peacefully is not impossible, especially with the sociability and docility of ragdoll cats. With the helpful tips above, you can have a good start in preparing your ragdoll cat for the arrival of your new pet.

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