How Long do Ragdoll Cats Live

How Long do Ragdoll Cats Live (Lifespan Expectancy)

How Long do ragdoll cats live?

Ragdoll cats generally speaking live longer than your average indoor domestic cat. Typically cats live in the 12-15 years range according to the ASPCA and most recognized cat organizations. The ragdoll however generally speaking lives 15+ years and 20 isn’t unheard of. I own a cat that is 23 going on 24 in March. Appropriately her name is Grandma Cat.

Grandma Cat – She’s 24

Oldest Ragdoll Cat

I haven’t heard or know anyone that has a ragdoll that is older than mine. So as of right now my cat “Grandma Cat” is the oldest living ragdoll in the world. She certainly is in Canada. She is 23 and will turn 24 in March. If anyone has a ragdoll that is older than that please let me know so I can share that information here.

Grandma cat is in great health, doesn’t always make it to the litter box, and does have a tendency to matt more than my other ragdoll. She is also VERY VERY vocal. Ha. She talks a lot, and when its the middle of the night and she doesn’t have what she wants she will definitely let you know.

She is quite the character. She also, like most ragdolls, likes to be close to people. Wherever Jenn and I sit she will make her way to that spot. She doesn’t like to touch but she will literally get as close as she can without touching.

Ragdoll Cat Lifespan

There are a number of different factors that can influence the lifespan of a cat, and its the same for ragdolls. Here are a couple of bigger issues. The lifespan of a ragdoll cat can be affected greatly by diet, nutrition and regular vet checkups.

If you have rescued a cat or taken in a stray here are some things to look at.

  • Sterilization increases the cat’s lifespan as it protects it from various genital diseases that can develop at an advanced age.
  • Generally speaking, half breed cats seem to live a little longer than purebred ones. So what breed your cat is could influence the life span.
  • Gender is an indicator. Just like humans, female cats are expected to live longer than males (around two years on average).
  • Indoor vs outdoor can influence as well. Cats are exposed to many more risk factors when living outside.

How to tell how old your cat is

  1. Teeth: Teeth are one of the main indicators of a cat’s age in cat years.
    1. Kitten’s teeth first come in between two to four weeks; their more permanent set appears at around four months of age.
    2. Older cats tend to have more staining than younger cats, especially if the previous owner didn’t brush the cat’s teeth.
    3. So if you open a cat’s mouth and find permanent, white teeth, the feline is likely to be around a year old.
    4. Some yellowing and or staining might place the cat between 1 and 2
    5. Tartar build-up on all the teeth indicates that the cat would likely be between 3 and 5.
    6. Missing teeth may mean you have a senior cat on your hands.
  2. Fitness Level: Younger cats are more likely to be more fit, have more muscle tone and also be more energetic. Older cats are more sedentary and usually feel a little more boney especially across the shoulders and hips.
  3. A Cat’s Coat: The condition of a cat’s coat is another great indicator of a kitty’s age in cat years. 
    1. Kittens and younger cats usually have softer more fine coats.
    2. Older cats tend to have thicker, coarser fur. This is not always true for a ragdoll as they can stay quite soft and fluffy as they get older. My 13-year-old is still soft and fluffy.
    3. senior cat may display grays or patches of white.
  4. A Cat’s Eyes: Bright, clear eyes are common in younger cats.
    1. A cat with a degree of cloudiness in their eyes is likely to be 12 years old or so. When you’re looking at the lens, also pay attention to the iris of the eye. Young cats will have a smooth iris, while the iris of an old cat may appear somewhat jagged.
    2. You can also look for cataracts. They are typical in more senior cats.

How to calculate your cat’s age in human years.

It is commonly understood that one cat year is equal to 7 human years, but that is not entirely the truth.

Cats age much quicker in the beginning, and environmental factors influence the age of a cat in human years. The first two years are the quickest and then its 4 years per year after that.

Cat Lifespan Calculator

  • When a Cat is 1 year old it is 15 years old as a human
  • When a Cat is 2 years old it is 24 years old as a human
  • When a Cat is 3 years old it is 28 years old as a human
  • When a Cat is 4 years old it is 32 years old as a human
  • When a cat is 5 years old it is 36 years old as a human
  • When a Cat is 6 years old it is 40 years old as a human

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  1. steph pinchbeck

    hi just came across your page !
    I live in the uk and have a ragdoll that is 20 years old
    shes a blue point mitted and her full name is lloydcrest teddyies dream but i call her Ted .shes blind now but apart from that shes still going strong and likes to tell everyone that all night long !
    really glad I found your page and shes not the only oldie out there!

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