male cats and nipples

Do Male Cats Have Nipples

Do Male Cats Have Nipples

This may seem like a totally ridiculous question, but a lot of people don’t know whether male cats have nipples or not. Well, we are here to set the record straight once and for all! Just like humans, yes male cats have nipples. When little cat babies are developing inside the stomach of their mother, they look pretty much identical. And so, just like humans, males and females are both born with nipples.

They also have a different number of nipples as you’ll see below, both males and females can differ.

Of course, the major difference here is that only female cats will use their nipples to nurse babies. Male cats don’t have special pheromones that allow the development of glands or the ability to produce milk. 

If you’re curious why both male humans and male cats have redundant nipples, one of the theories is that during evolution, there was no survival advantage to stop generating nipples. Because it had no effect on survival, animals simply kept on being born with nipples that were completely unnecessary – and it’s still going on today.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

So you are wondering how many nipples do cats have? What is the number of nipples? How many nipples do males cats have?

This is perhaps one of the strangest things about male and female cats. People are always born with two nipples. It’s just a fact. But you may be surprised to find out that on average, cats are born with Between six and eight nipples. But here is where things get really weird.

Some kittens are born with more nipples and some are born with fewer nipples, and it has nothing to do with gender, breed, or health conditions. There is actually no logical reason why the number of nipples on cats varies so drastically. 

Because of this, you may find that your cat has just four nipples or as many as ten. To keep on with the strangeness, cats sometimes even have an odd number of nipples. But so long as your cat is healthy, you have nothing to be concerned about. A cat s nipples and the number of nipples can be quite different from cat to cat.

Also, kittens from the same litter will sometimes have a variety of different nipples regardless of gender. One kitten might have six nipples and another kitten might have nine. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with any of them!

Do Cat Nipples Go Away?

Cat nipples do not go away. It would make absolutely no sense for the nipples on your cat to simply cease existing. You might notice that the nipples of your cat are hidden under fur, but this is not unusual. You may also notice that when your female cat is pregnant, her nipples get swollen and sometimes leak milk. You’ll probably see that they get larger and pinker in preparation to feed her kittens. And afterwards, they may shrink back to normal size

But as for cat nipples disappearing, they absolutely won’t. It would be like if you woke up one morning and both your nipples had vanished overnight for no reason. 

Do Male Cats Lactate?

This is extremely weird, but it’s 100% true. While male cats are not supposed to produce milk, in certain situations they can indeed lactate. In fact, male cats are among a small group of domesticated animals, including goats and guinea pigs, which can lactate on very rare occasions. There have been several recorded incidents where a male cat was caught feeding kittens or lactating because of intense stimulation of the nipples.

This doesn’t happen often, and you can probably go your whole life without ever seeing it. But the truth is that males have been known to lactate – even human males. It’s just bizarre because male cats do not have the same biology or hormones as female cats. They aren’t designed to produce milk.

Do Male Cats Go into Heat?

Male cats don’t technically go into heat, but they do have their own special time of year when they get more excited than usual.

When a male cat reaches full maturity, they can mate at any time that the female cat will let them. However, during the mating season when females are typically in heat, males will become more aggressive, more quarrelsome, and much more interested in trying to find a female cat.

This is the time of year you will hear your male cat meowing incessantly and acting a little neurotic. 

Tip – make sure you wait until your male kitten is at least 4-6 months old before you desex it. They need a little time to develop and the hormones in their body will help them. Some vets and breeders do this too early and it has negative effects on their health and growth.

Do Neutered Male Cats Go Into Heat?

The short answer is no. Male cats that have been desexed do not go into heat. Male cats in general do not go into heat, it is the female cats that go into heat.

Do All Female Cats Have Nipples?

Yes, all female cats have nipples. While the exact number of nipples varies from cat to cat, every lady cat will still be born with somewhere around six or eight nipples. It would take an exceptional act of nature for a female cat to be born with zero nipples.

Even if the female cat gets fixed or desexed, they still have nipples. They are not used, obviously, throughout the rest of their life, but they still have them.

When Do Cats Lose Hair Around Their Nipples?

When your female cat gets pregnant, and her pregnancy nears its eighth week, you might notice that she begins to lose some of the fur from around her nipples. You will also probably notice that your pregnant cat is starting to groom herself more and more, and that she’s having a bit of difficulty because of her large belly.

She’s losing the hair around her nipples because of excessive licking, essentially making the area around her nipples bald so that the kittens have an easier time latching on and feeding. This is completely normal behavior! 

Can Cats Get Breast Cancer in their Mammary Glands?

Yes, Cats can get breast cancer in their mammary glands. Cats of both genders usually have eight mammary glands, with four along either side of their tummies. Even if you find only a single lump, when a biopsy comes back cancer, the typical recommended is to remove the entire chain on that side.

When Do Kittens Get Nipples, at what age?

How many nipples do cats get born with?

Kittens already have nipples when they’re born.

Their nipples grow while they are in the womb, just like all their other body parts. Most scientists believe that all kittens actually start as females in the womb, which is a possible reason why male cats have nipples even though they’re basically useless. 

As for when kittens get nipples, they already have them from the moment they are born. If you thought your kitten didn’t have nipples the last time you looked, you probably just missed them! You should go check again.

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