black ragdoll cat

Black Ragdoll Cat

What is a Black Ragdoll Cat?

Yes, ragdolls can be black. However, they are not recognized by the ragdoll cat show world and typically are not considered true ragdolls.

Black ragdoll cats can have all the features of a ragdoll, such as the large size, the silky coat, and unique personality, but black ragdoll cats do not have the traditional Ragdoll points (mask, legs, ears, blue eyes, and tails). In fact, the first big “tell” that a cat is not a ragdoll is the eye colour. All pointed breed cats have blue eyes, and all ragdolls have blue eyes.

Ragdolls are a very popular breed of cat, they are often referred to as the puppies of the cat world due to their temperament and behavioural traits. As the name suggests, when these cats are picked up they will often go limp like a ragdoll allowing you to carry them around and cuddle them (which they absolutely love). This affectionate cat breed is absolutely adored by many and for good reason. So, what is it that makes a ragdoll cat and is there such a thing as black ragdoll cats? 

Common Traits of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are among the largest breeds of cat, on average male ragdolls weigh between 5-9kg and females weigh between 4-6kg. Thanks to their fluffy fur, they can look even larger in size. As ragdolls mature very slowly it takes four years for them to reach their full size, the traditional ragdolls are also born light in colour and their colouring only develops gradually over a 2 year period. 

These cats are quiet, laidback and very friendly. They are well known for being affectionate and are incredibly well-mannered with a small, soft voice. Ragdolls have a soft, fluffy coat that is medium length and requires regular brushing – at least once a week. If you are considering bringing a ragdoll into your family, remember that these are very docile, indoor cats so if you plan to allow them to go outside it is important to keep a close eye on them to ensure they are safe. 

Ragdoll Cats have Amazing Eyes

Grey ragdoll cats have blue eyes.

If you’ve seen a ragdoll cat before you will know they also have the most beautiful eyes. Traditional ragdolls have sparkling bright blue eyes and solid ragdolls have gold or green eyes that are just as mesmerizing. These striking, well-behaved animals can melt the hearts of even those who are indifferent to cats. 

History of Ragdoll Cats 

The breed dates back to the 1960s when the first litter was born in California. Breeder Ann Baker set out to breed a beautiful, gentle and loving breed of cat. Since these humble beginnings not so long ago, the popularity of this cat breed has skyrocketed. Most ragdolls are happy around people, including children, as well as dogs. You can also train your ragdoll as they don’t have the same stubbornness that is often experienced in cat breeds.

Official Colors and Patterns of Ragdolls

Ragdolls come in four officially recognized patterns, these are:

  • Bi-colour: paws, underbody, chest and part of the face is white with their tails, eats and part of their face being darker in colour
  • Mitted: White paws, white chin and a white stripe along the belly 
  • Van: White with darker colour spots on the head, tail, ears and occasionally on the body 
  • Colorpoint or pointed: pointed markings in solid, lynx, tortoiseshell or a mix of tortoiseshell and lynx with no white.

The common colours are:

  • Seal (brown)
  • Blue (gray)
  • Chocolate (light brown)
  • Lilac (warm grayish brown)
  • Red (red/ orange points)
  • Cream

Can Ragdolls be Black?

Ragdolls can be black but, as you can see, this does not match with the ‘standards’ set above which means within the ragdoll community there is a lot of debate regarding black ragdoll cats. This is interesting as the origins of ragdolls was a solid white cat bred with a solid black cat meaning solids are also purebred ragdolls. 

A completely black ragdoll may be called a solid or non-pointed ragdoll as they lack the traditional ragdoll points but they exhibit all of the other breed-specific features including the docile personality, large size and silky coat. In addition to the traditional colours listed above, solid ragdolls can also be black, smoke or silver. 

Solids can come in mitted, bi-colour and colorpoint patterns (just as traditional ragdolls), the biggest difference is that solids have less light colouring and more colour variety than traditional ragdolls. The eye colour is also different as solid ragdolls have gold or green eyes rather than blue. 

Black ragdolls may also be bicolored and will often be found with the black and white colour combination. The black bicolored ragdolls usually have some of the points of traditional ragdolls but not all of them. 

The controversy around Black Ragdolls

If you are a cat lover and are looking for a beautiful, friendly and docile pet then black ragdolls are a fantastic choice. If, however, you are looking for a ragdoll to show in competitions a solid or non-pointed ragdoll may not be the best choice as they are currently not supported in many official competitions. The controversy around solid ragdolls only exists in the world of official competitions so if that is not where your interest lies there is no reason not to choose black or solid ragdolls. 

Black Ragdoll cats and other solids are used as breeders.

They are also sold as breeders.

This means it shouldn’t be too hard to locate a black ragdoll that’ll fit in perfectly with your family. Using black ragdolls as breeders can and often does produce both pointed and non-pointed kittens. Even if both cats you breed are both solid ragdolls you are still likely to produce some pointed kittens. This shows that solid ragdolls do have the gene for traditional points even if they do not have points themselves. 

The Ragdoll historical society has more information about the beginnings of this amazing breed on its website…

Black and White Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats of this type can, and most times will have white on them as well.

Black Ragdolls as Pets

Overall, ragdolls make excellent pets and whether you choose a traditional or solid ragdoll you will fall head over heels in love with these friendly, affectionate and relaxed animals.

You will need a cat carrier for your ragdoll cat, and it will need to be big enough for your cat. You can also get cat carriers with built in litter box, which is really handy if you are going to be travelling. Also if you are looking for a cat fountain for your cat My Ragdoll cats has really great options. Click on the link and check out are article.

The ragdoll cat truly is a fascinating breed and regardless of the colour and pattern your ragdoll ends up being, the most important thing is health and happiness. Take good care of your furry friend and enjoy what is possibly the most laid-back cat there is.

Ragdolls are devoted, loyal and trusting so if all we have mentioned suits you and your lifestyle then you know that the ragdoll breed is right for you. 

How Much Does a Black Ragdoll Cost?

Because a black Ragdoll isn’t technically a pure bred Ragdoll cat as far as the show world is concerned you are probably going to pay a little less for one. A full breeding quality Ragdoll will be the most expensive and a show quality cat will be a little less than a breeding cat. A pet quality cat will be even less, and a black Ragdoll may be less than a pet quality cat because it is not technically a pure bred.

Having said all that, some breeders may price their black ragdoll kittens at the same level as a pet quality kitten.

No matter what you end up paying for your kitten, you will still need to put some additional costs into the budget like vet checkups, food, crate and litter box. These expenses are not covered in the cost of the purchase of the kitten. Also, remember that a cat may require some additional changes to your home if you have never had a cat before, they are curious and will definitely get into things. Ragdolls come curious, So you may need to cat-proof your home before you bring your new kitten home.

Black Ragdoll Cats FAQ

Can there be black Ragdoll cats?

Technically no Ragdoll Cats are not meant to be black when you consdier them in the show ring. However, not many of us care about the show ring, unless you are a breeder. Most people want a pet, and for that YES Ragdoll Cats can be black. You get the same beautiful temprement and fluffy cuddler.

Are black Ragdolls rare?

Yes, they are VERY rare. They are rere because breeders don’t really breed them. Breeders don’t breed them, becassue they can’t show them and then make money off of them. Because of this breeders only breed accepted colours and types and then they show them and then they sell them and their kittens. Black ragdolls are more of a non-showing, non-breeding type of ragdoll. Therefor they are typicall hard to find.

How much does a black Ragdoll cat cost?

You should be able to find a black ragdoll for slightly less money than a pure bred ragdoll cats. If you go HERE you will see our current Ragdoll Cat pricing information and what you should expect to see out there in Ragdoll buying land. Black ragdolls will likeley be 25%-50% less than pure breds. You can also sometimes find black ragdolls in rescues.

What is the rarest Ragdoll cat color?

The most common are the seals and the blues. The Seal Point Ragdoll is the most popular ragdoll so it gets bred the most, and is the most available. The less common types are the flame or red, the lynx, and the tortie. The least common type of Ragdoll are the chocolate the lilac the cream the cinnamon and the fawn, with the later two being the most rarest.

If you want to know the current cost of a ragdoll cat click to read this article about pricing.