birman vs ragdoll

Birman vs Ragdoll

What are the Differences Between a Birman and a Ragdoll Cat?

Birman vs Ragdoll

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Birman and ragdoll cats look shockingly similar. These are two breeds that are frequently confused. Even a cat expert might not always be able to tell the difference between the two. The Birman cat originally comes from Burma, where they were raised hundreds of years ago by priests in temples. They were then exported to France in the 1920s, and have since made their way to the rest of the world. 

The ragdoll is a little less interesting. These cats were allegedly created in the 1960s by selectively breeding a unique Persian cat to produce cats with traits that you now see in the typical ragdoll. But of course, their exact origins are a mystery. 

These two cats may look the same initially, but you’ll see when comparing Birman vs ragdoll that they actually have very different physical features. The two breeds do share similar ears with rounded tips, they have similarly rounded faces, and they have medium-length muzzles. Both animals have muscly bodies with a good bone structure, but one of the biggest differences is in the eyes. 

Ragdolls have huge oval eyes, while Birmans have more rounded eyes that are smaller. When it comes to fur, Birman cats have silky fur with nearly no undercoat while the ragdoll has plushy fur. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes just by looking, but when you feel each cat it’s easy to know the difference. Also, the ragdoll has a much longer tail than the Birman cat.  

But perhaps the biggest difference is in the size. Ragdolls are large cats that can weigh up to around 20 pounds! On the other hand, a Birman is a medium cat that can only weigh a maximum of about 12 pounds. They may look similar in pictures, but the ragdoll cat is actually quite a bit larger. 

And of course, there is a significant difference in the colour. Both breeds have coloured extremities and blue eyes with white bodies. However, the Birman’s body is typically clearer. Both breeds can be blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, and red, and both breeds are able to have tabby markings. But the biggest difference is that Birman breeds are sometimes a smoky or silvery colour. 

Birman Cat Personality

when thinking about the Birman vs ragdoll, Birman cats are some of the most loving felines in the world. If you have ever wanted an extremely affectionate cat, not one of the ones that destroy your stuff and hisses at you from the windowsill all day, you definitely want a Birman cat! They have been bred specifically to be companion cats for many generations. These fluffy felines are docile, soft-spoken, and best of all they are extremely smart. They are also very friendly cats, meaning they get along well with children, dogs, other cats, and people. They aren’t overly noisy, but they are exceptionally curious and love to explore.

What’s really unique about the Birman cat is that these felines are not great at being left home alone. Most of these cats can tolerate being left at the house while you’re at work, but if you leave them alone for prolonged periods of time they will get unhappy and depressed and might even act out. Birman cats truly do rely on you for comfort, security, and happiness! These cats really do need a loving and affectionate owner.

Should I get a Birman or Ragdoll?

Whether you get a Birman or a ragdoll is completely up to you. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the ragdoll cat is quite a bit larger, and the ragdoll cat is also quite rare to find depending on your preferred colour scheme. Birman cats require a lot of attention on your part, and so they are great if you want a small and cuddly cat that is going to follow you around the house and demand lots of love. 

But at the end of the day, both cats are extremely similar. You will undoubtedly be happy with either one as your companion for the next fifteen or more years! 

Is a Birman a Ragdoll?

A Birman is not a ragdoll. These are definitely not the same cat. The Birman comes all the way from Burma, where it was raised for centuries as an almost mythical cat. On the other hand, a ragdoll is an offshoot breed likely from a Persian cat. These are completely different animals. They have different fur, different colours, and different sizes. 

Are Birman Cats Cuddly?

Birman cats are super cuddly! With their beautiful blue eyes, calm disposition, and extremely soft fur, you will absolutely love cuddling up on the couch every night with your affectionate Birman cat and the newest Netflix series! These cats are loving, they absolutely adore to be groomed, and they will keep you warm in the coldest winter! 

How Can I Tell If My Cat is a Birman?

There are a few surefire ways to recognize a Birman cat. If you think you have a Birman kitty but are not sure, just check a few of these characteristics and if they match, congratulations you have a sweet Birman cat!

First of all, look for colours. A Birman cat is usually born completely white with a very pink nose, and as time goes on their face, ears, legs, and tail will begin to develop colour. Most of these cats will be either red, blue, chocolate, lilac, or a mixture. If your cat has some of these colours on their legs, tail, and phase, it very well could be a Birman. 

The second thing to look for is a layered coat. Most cats have double coats, but a Birman only has a single coat. This means their fur is super light and very soft to touch, especially the mane of fur around their neck. 

Another thing to look for is in the paws. Birman cats really stand out because of their white paws. Every Birman cat will have 4 white paws that make them look like they’re wearing gloves. Don’t forget to check the eyes as well. White paws are distinctive of Birman cats, and so are deep blue eyes. 

The last thing you want to check is the size. A typical Birman cat is not very big. They will have a maximum height at the shoulders of between 12 and 16 inches. If your cat is about this height, and all the other aspects match up, you probably have a Birman!

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