Best Trash Can for Cat Litter

Best Trash Can for Cat Litter

Best Trash Can for Cat Litter

Cats are the best. Anyone who wants to argue was obviously raised by wolves. We all love cats. We love them in our homes, on our couches, purring on our laps, and sleeping on our pillows. Cats are the best! The only downside to owning a cat friend, especially if they are an indoor cat – even more so if you live in a small apartment or cramped housing situation – is the kitty waste.

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There is no getting away from it. Cats poop. They poop and they pee in a box, and that box is going to stink up your place unless you clean it constantly. Even then, the process of the kitty’s business can make your home stink. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the latter.

The best you can do is get a cat litter trash can that masks the smell and makes life easier and less stinky for you. These devices are also great because mixing animal refuse with ordinary garbage is super non-hygienic.

You don’t want to deposit poop in the kitchen garbage where you cook your food, and flushing cat poo down the toilet just doesn’t make sense. In fact, cat waste comes packed full of all kinds of fecal bacteria that can get you and your kids sick, causing violent and painful diarrhea. This is why a proper trash can for cat litter is so important.

Here we have gathered a list of some of the best cat litter trash cans around. Take a look.

Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter & Pet Waste Disposal System

This cat litter garbage can is extremely nifty. It works to keep the rancid odour of cat poo out of the air and out of your nose. Even more, it can last for nearly three months before you need to replace the durable liner on the inside. By using this great disposal system, you can say goodbye to annoying trips to and from the garbage can with tiny plastic bags full of cat poop. All you do is scoop the poop with your scooper, dump it into the waste disposal system, and go wash your hands. That’s it! The smell is masked and the poop is stored safely.

No more ugly smells and no more hassle. This system is completely hands-free, using a foot pedal for the opening and closing of the container, which itself is triple-sealed for ultimate odour suppression. Also, the plastic liner is 100% biodegradable.

This is our number one choice of cat litter trash cans. This solution is clean, tailored specifically to cat litter, proven to control the stinky smell of the cat poop, and is surprisingly affordable. The hands-free feature means you don’t have to get your hands dirty while changing, and you can keep it standing beside your litter box for easy access. 

Litter Genie Plus Ultimate Cat Litter Odor Control Pail

This is another great system for the disposing of cat litter. The Litter Genie Plus is going to keep your living area free of nasty poop smells while maintaining proper hygiene in your home. It comes equipped with a pooper scooper in case you need an extra. The pail uses special anti-microbial agents to stifle the unwanted smell of your cat litter with a unique seven-layer refill bag. You are able to store a whopping two weeks’ worth of kitty litter without having to change the bag. This unit is also sleek and easy to store, keeping it hidden beside your cat box so that it doesn’t become an eye sore. You can even use this pail for dumping your small or medium dog’s waste. 

PawPail Pet Waste Station

The PawPail pet waste station is a whole lot more than a garbage container for cat litter. It also stores and then dispenses its own branded PawBags, which are leak-proof poop bags for dogs. This is the ideal solution for those who own cats and dogs and want a single resolution for all their waste management problems.

The storage unit holds onto a ton of bags, so you don’t have to fuss with finding a new poop bag every time you leave the house with your pup. Additionally, the station features a very convenient DualVent system that keeps the filthy odour of your cat litter and dog poop at bay. The station has a perforated basket that allows the air to circulate within the system, with no odours leaking out into your house.

What people love mostly about the pet waste station is the reduction in plastic waste. It’s 2021 and nobody wants to use plastic anymore, at least no more than is needed. People also love that the station is able to be mounted above ground, keeping it away from children. You can mount it to the wall in the garage or some other discreet location. Out of sight and out of mind.

Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal System 

This disposal system is very similar to the others on our list. It is a lightweight unit that can be transported easily and stored in discreet locations, preferably close to the cat box. Because of its size, you can store roughly two weeks of cat litter before you need to change the bag.

This unit is also nice because you can use it for cats and dogs. Keep in mind if you are using the disposal system for dog poop and cat litter, it is going to fill up much quicker. Still, it features technology to keep the stench of all that waste contained inside the unit, sparing your house the noxious odour of so much cat litter.

One of the downsides to this system is that you must push the garbage bags into the tubular can manually, and this might not be the most sanitary situation for some people. You then need to get bags to refill the can, which is also a little annoying. This is definitely the budget disposal system and is good for apartments and small spaces where you can store the cat poop for a few days without any gross smells perforating your space. 

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