best cat feeder with collar sensor

Best Cat Feeder with Collar Sensor

The Best Cat Feeder with Collar Sensor

Do you want to get a cat feeder with a collar sensor?

Automatic cat feeders are all over the market and every cat owner loves them.  They are able to dispense food to your pet without you being there.  Amazingly these feeders work on a timer so what do you do if you have more than one pet? Or if you need one or more of your pets to lose some weight, and have controlled eating?

There always seems to be one who is greedier and hangs around close to the food bowls waiting for the bowl to open to ensure they get the lion’s share of every meal. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. There are now automatic cat feeders that work by recognizing your pet via their collar tag. This means you can make sure the right pet eats the right food at all times and is particularly beneficial if you have a cat on a diet or on medications.

If you are looking for a collar activated cat feeder, this is the page for you.

An Update For 2021

The market has definitely shifted in the past few years. You’ll notice other sites promoting a list of collar sensor cat feeders, but in reality there is really only one, and it comes it two options. The other websites have listed other cat feeders, much like this page did in the past, but all of them are either out of stock indefinitely or the company no longer exists. As an option however down below you will find other kinds of cat feeders that have a similiar function, but operate in a different way.

What this means is that if you live in a multi-pet home, or have a weight control issue both of these things can be remedied through other automatic, or controlled cat feeders.

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Wifi Controller and Cat Collar Sensor Cat Door

The feeder listed above comes in two versions, one with the wifi hub and one without. You can also buy the wifi hub separately if you wish, or if you already have the collar sensor cat feeder and need the hub. Here it is here.

The other option we can up with was to have a secret door into the feeding room that only the cat with a collar sensor can get into. You could control when the cat had the collar on, and which cats had collars. Could work for people who have an extra closet or room with a closed door.

Some Cats Need a Little Assistance

Both of my ragdolls are seal point ragdolls.  They are also seniors, and sometimes they need a little assistance.  I typically leave dry cat food out for them all day and give them a wet food meal in the evening.

Both of them drink water from everywhere, including the sink.  I have found that once they get trained on what they are supposed to do they are fine.  It just takes a little time and repetition.

Also if your cat is having some digestion issues these types of feeders are helpful because you can control the amount of cat food they get during the day.

Benefits of Using a Cat Feeder with Collar Sensor

These feeders will be closed until the selected cat approaches, the collar tag will trigger the sensor and the collar sensor cat feeder will open. The sealed nature of the bowl keeps the food fresher for longer and prevents flies from landing on it. This is a great way to ensure food lasts longer and deter pests who may be eating from your cat’s bowl when your cat is not.

These feeders allow your cat to have access to food throughout the day without the food going bad, getting wet or being eaten by other animals. Some cats are happy to eat their cat food all at once whereas others like to go back and forth eating a small amount at a time. These cat feeders give your cat the freedom to choose, this can help fussy feeders to eat and underweight cats to gain weight.

If you have more than one pet and they have different diets and requirements these sensor feeders are the perfect way to make sure they don’t steal each other’s food and they eat only what is meant for them.

This feeder is also particularly useful if you have young children who like to pick up, and even taste, everything. Food bowls seem to be of particular interest to these inquisitive children but with these bowls, the food will be closed away and therefore out of reach for your little ones.

Top 3 Collar Activated Feeding Bowls

There are a few different cat collar sensor feeders available, we’ve selected the top three below: edit – there really is only one that is available in 2021

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

This battery powered feeder remains sealed until a pet with a registered microchip or collar ID approaches. The lid will open and the cat is able to access the cat food. If a pet without a registered chip or tag approaches the lid will remain sealed to prevent them from eating the food.

Like cat fountains, cat feeder with collar sensor feeders are really worth the investment.

You can set the door close speed to suit your cat and the situation e.g. if you have a greedy cat who may try to swoop in and steal food after the other cat walks away you will want to set the door close speed to ‘fast’ to try to prevent this, you can also purchase side panels to prevent side access by a greedy cat. The feeder can also store up to 32 pets so if you want multiple pets to have access it’s no problem at all.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Opens for programmed microchips only
  • Stops pets from stealing each other’s food


  • You cannot program multiple feedings or set timers
  • Only really suitable for one day’s worth of food
  • Does not offer a chilled feature for storing wet cat food

WonderBowl Selective Pet Feeder

This product is currently unavailable, or out of stock, but it’s worth checking out. You may get lucky and find one in stock.

This feeder uses Infrared to pick up the signal of the special WonderBowl tag. The lid opens when the tag is detected. The feeder comes with a stainless-steel bowl that is removable for quick and easy cleaning. The bowl and the tag both require batteries.  These batteries tend to last between 30 and 45 days before they need replacing.  While the cat with the tag is eating the lid will stay open.  The design of this bowl does not prevent other pets from eating so that is something to keep in mind. 


  • Remains closed until sensor is activated
  • Set the bowl to allow only certain tags to trigger it to open


  • Only compatible with the WonderBowl collar tag 
  • Batteries require replacing regularly

OurPets Smart Link Selective Feeder Automatic Pet Bowl

This product is currently unavailable, or out of stock, but it’s worth checking out. You may get lucky and find one in stock.

The smart link selective feeder opens when the sensor on the collar of your pet is detected.  This helps to keep food fresh and away from other pets, flies and children. The bowl is battery-operated and has a low battery indicator. The amount of times your pet accesses the bowl, as well as the feeding duration, is logged into an activity log that you can access via your smartphone.  You will receive a notification if there is any unusual behaviour. 


  • Allows you to monitor your pets feeding habits
  • More than one pet will use the cat with collar sensor feeder


  • Battery life seems to be very short
  • Works via Bluetooth which can be flaky

Other Options including App Controlled and Motion Controlled

Which is Best for My Cat?

Cat feeder with collar sensor

The best feeder for your cat depends on your situation. The SureFeed model is a great design, particularly if you have greedy pets who will likely to try to steal the food once the bowl is open. The side panels and layout of the feeder makes it difficult for other pets to swoop in and steal food.

If you’re looking for a more basic design that keeps food sealed and fresh until your pet approaches, the WonderBowl and OurPets models are great. The OurPets model is particularly good if you want to monitor your cat’s behaviour and habits.

Teaching Your Cat to Use an Automated Feeder

Your cat will require training and support to get used to how these feeding bowls work. It’s best to introduce this feeding bowl to the area you currently feed your cat.  Leave it off and open so your cat can first become familiar with the bowl. If your cat is unsure you can remove the feeding bowl from the unit and place it to the side, gradually moving it closer over time until it is in the unit.

Just like when your training a cat to use a litter box, or retaining, it takes a little time to get it right.

Once your cat is happy with the new bowl and eats from it without hesitation you can introduce the tag to their collar.  You can slowly get them used to the sound and movement of the feeder, giving them a treat each time the feeder opens. Eventually, your cat will become used to the feeder and will be happy to approach and eat from it. Once they know and understand the feeder you will be able to relax knowing there will be no more feeding time fights and meals being stolen.

Cat feeder with collar sensor and location

Ok, so you are probably thinking where do I put my cat feeder with collar sensor?

Well, it is definitely a great question.  There is something about pet ownership that creates some interesting dilemmas.

If you have kids I am guessing that once they figure out you have a cat feeder with a collar sensor they will also want to play with it.  This may mean that you either need to teach the children not to or put it in a place that they can’t.

It is also not a very good idea to put your cat feeder with a collar sensor in a high traffic area because it may trip the sensor more often than you would like.

The ideal place to put your cat feeder with collar sensor is a place where the cat can get to it, but also enjoy some privacy.  Most homes will have something similar to this.

It is also important to put automatic cat feeders where the dog can’t get to it.

What about the dog with the cat feeder?

Many people are very careful about making sure that their dogs don’t eat their cats food.  This is a really good idea.

Dogs are smart and most dogs will quickly figure out the cat feeder with collar sensor, even though they are not wearing the sensor.  They will know that food comes out when the cat goes to the feeder.  So in this scenario, it’s best to make sure that the cat feeder with collar sensor is in a place where the dog can’t get access to it.

How do I Get My Cat Used to Wearing a Collar?

Your cat may be required to wear a special tag on their collar in order for the feeder to work. If your cat is not used to wearing a collar, these tips should help make the transition easier:

  • When you are introducing the collar to your cat only put it on for a short period of time.
  • It’s best to start without any tags or bells attached to the collar.  These will jingle and attract your cat’s attention.
  • When the collar is on, play with your cat and give them attention as this will help take their mind off the collar. Treats are also a good way to keep them busy.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time your cat wears the collar for, before long they’ll hardly notice.
  • Add the tag after your cat is comfotable with the collar.

If you aren’t home a lot a feeder with a collar sensor might be the perfect thing for you and your cat.  There are a number of these types of feeders on the market.  Let me know what you think.

What is a Selective Cat Feeder

A selective feeder is much like it sounds, it is a feeder that you can use to control what your cat gets fed, when your cat gets fed and if you have multiple cats which cat gets fed. These units are great for busy people that are not home on a regular schedule so their cats get the proper nutrition. They also work great for people that are looking for portion control for certain cats that eat too much.

Can These Feeders Handle Prescription Foods?

Cat feeders with collar sensors are great for prescription foods. If your cat needs to have timed medicine, or again you have multiple cats, this is a great way to separate the meals out so only the proper food gets to the proper cat.

Cat feeders with collar sensors can also make sure that your dog does not get into the food mistakenly. It’s the purrrfect cat dish. Speaking of Purrrfect cat dishes, that is the name of another company that makes a dish that separates cat meals. It also is out of stock most times, but you can check their website to see. The purrrfect cat dish is also dishwasher safe, which is great for electronic devices.

How Do I Control Portions with a Sensor Feeder?

This is one of the more useful options with a cat collar sensor feeder. To control portions with your feeder you need to weight out exactly the amount of food that your cat will need for the time period that you are concerned about.

An example would be if you are going to be gone all day, how much food would your cat need in a 12 hour period. You can double it for two cats. Then you would make this food available for the cat in the feeder. Then when the cat is hungry it goes to the feeder and the sensor on its collar opens the feeder and the cat eats. When the food is gone, that is all it gets for that day.

This is really great for cats that are overweight and busy people that are not home during the day at all. With these types of feeders you can control what your cat gets, in terms of diet, and you don’t need to worry about not being home to feed them.

Portion sizes become easy to manage this way. You can handle different portion sizes for different cats with multiple feeders.

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