Are Ragdoll Cats Smart (1)

Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

Yes, Ragdoll cats are not only very affectionate but they are typically very intelligent. Their strongest areas are communication, ability to adapt and ability to be trained. They can typically even be trained to fetch. Ragdolls, however, are not typically considered of high intelligence in areas like hunting and survival. That is why Ragdolls are generally indoor cats only.

What Kind of Intelligence do they have?

My two ragdolls are very smart in some areas and not so smart in other areas. It is very clear that they learn new things and are able to adapt quickly even in their old age.

Grandma Cat doesn’t always find the litter box on time, but I think sometimes that is more a function of choice than intelligence. I have also found that she gets lost sometimes in the house. Then she meows about it…a lot.

Maya is a different story. She is very smart. She even knows each time I go to the fridge for cheese. As soon as she hears the sound she comes running, no matter what.

I would not, however, let either of them outside at any time. Ragdolls are not very good at “figuring” things out. My two cats are no exception. In their own environment, they are fine, but if they were outdoors to fend for themselves they would not last very long.

Contrast that with the American Shorthair cat who is so good at adapting outdoors, it will often spend more time outside than inside.

What are Ragdoll Cats Good at?

Typically these are things that Ragdolls are known for

  • Affection. They are far and away one of the best cats when it comes to cuddling and being involved in the family. They always want to be where you are.
  • Greeting you at the door. Without fail, Maya will meow at me before I open the door when I get home. She knows the sound of the car entering the garage and she will always be at the door when I open it.
  • Food. Ragdolls love food, and they always tell me when its food time, treat time and if they want something.
  • Fetch. Ragdolls can be taught to fetch.
  • Memory. Cats have an excellent memory. They may take a little different path when it comes to learning than dogs and humans, but they remember really really well.

Are Ragdoll Cats Vocal?

This is one of the things that I have experienced…Ragdoll cats are much more vocal than non-ragdolls. Obviously everyone will have their own experience and there will always be exceptions, but yes ragdolls will talk to you.

They can also be trained to meow, and you can definitely have conversations with them

How does a ragdoll cat brain work?

Cat brains are a little different than ours, We are similar however, in the fact that we learn from observation and by doing. We also both connect emotion and memory. We remember things if they made us feel good or bad and so do cats. Check this article out for more info

Are Ragdoll Cats Affectionate?

Yes, ragdoll cats are very affectionate.

I think that this is the one thing that Ragdolls are most known for. They are very very affectionate. My grandma cat even likes to be with me whenever I am home. She doesn’t like sitting in my lap but rather she likes sitting right next to me wherever I am. Both her and Maya will sleep on the bed most nights.

What are the different ragdoll colours?

There are a number of different ragdoll colours. There are true ragdoll colours like seal and flame, there are also some hybrid Ragdoll colours like white and black.

Are ragdoll cats smart? Ragdoll cats are amazing…they can be expensive to get, but they are definitely worth it.

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  1. What a lovely site lucas. I have two ragdoll babies. Mulberry moo who is five and Teddy tumble who is 13 weeks and loves to use me to climb up because in his raggy world I am a climbing frame. On another note, Teddy tumble thinks that every day is raggy day come dusk or dawn and thinks mulberry is his bedding and sleeps with her and on top of her and even sleeps in the lavatory because it’s cool in there. Oh what fun we raggy have…

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